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Who We Are & What We Do - New Medical Supply Inc.

New Medical Supply, based in California, USA, is an online surgical supplies business founded with the goal of sourcing and distributing high-quality medical equipment and aids at reasonable prices.

We expand our comprehensive range of quality products and services with the latest medical advances, innovative product lines, and manufacturing partners. Our medical products and surgical equipment are sourced by individual expert health teams and surgical supply distributors to complete our selection of medical and surgical products that medical practices need to provide patients with results and quality care.

We represent hundreds of trusted and respected manufacturers of medical equipment and accessories in the healthcare industry. Medical and surgical aids, state-of-the-art leading surgical lights, surgical curtains, Mayo booth, Cidex, OPA, biological indicators, ECG electrodes, examination tables, products, needles, syringes, mobility aids, surgical aids, basic supplies for medical offices, and much more.

At Excellence, we are a medical and surgical supply business that focuses on reliable order processing and high customer satisfaction with every purchase. With our highly qualified staff, we are able to order reliable surgical instruments and aids on which our partners depend to make informed decisions and design educational articles to discuss and design affordable medical supplies options for future sustainability during a crisis.

As a medical equipment store with excellent reviews in customer service, we help our customers with solutions to meet all kinds of medical or surgical care needs. We offer bulk discounts and are happy to customize offers by e-mail before placing a medical supply order. Practical product and product volume offers are calculated and bundled, in addition, we offer free shipping on all orders over $199 (except for oversized and hazardous cargo). We are also happy to arrange contracts for health teams with medical equipment and supplies.   

We understand that inventory management for medical and surgical aids in healthcare facilities has to be a well-oiled machine. Our application process is quick and easy, earn in practice, pay off and finance the balance through monthly payments. Our bulk medical and surgical aids in the US can be viewed and purchased by healthcare facilities, from small, everyday refillable items such as disinfectant wipes, disposable syringes, and surgical curtains to large purchases such as Doppler monitors, surgical lights, and digital radiation devices. We provide financing for business practice purchases and keeps a credit line open for financial emergencies.  

New Medical Supply has been developed in accordance with the company’s privacy policies and customer interests. Our personal and customer relationships are the most valued asset, and you can rest assured that we are committed to keeping customer information private and confidential. Every year, we stock up on health-related products to replenish existing surgical and medical equipment and upgrade equipment, and purchase thousands of medical and surgical care products, equipment, and accessories. 

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Josh Harris

Founder - CEO

Curtin Mole


Rachel Lamberg

Marketing Head

Edgardo Espadas

Lead Developer

Emily Lawrence

Intern Designer

Mike Mills

Intern Designer

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Do you live in Puerto Rico on a hut near the beach? Great, we'll get there.

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Low-quality medical supplies are the worst. We only do the best.

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We keep our inventory in stock, along with purchasing the best value products to provide deals and discounts to our valued customers.

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No worries, we promise to close shop if any of our clients payments details ever get stolen. Security and customer service are our priorities.