20pcs Surgical Skin Suture Pad Simulated Practice Kit Wound Silicone Suturing Skin Operate Training Model Teaching Tool FDA CE

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✂【Strong practicality】Professional teaching skin suture pad, 17 pre-cut wounds, 6-inch straight/curved lacerations, avulsion injuries, and triangular stab wounds. The shape and size of the wound are designed, developed and tested by experienced doctors.

✂【Various products】 The kit includes imitation human leather suture pad, needle driver/support, tweezers, pliers, scissors, scalpel handle, blade, suture thread, etc.

✂【High quality】 The 3-layer suture pad is made of high-quality silicone, which is not easy to tear. A protective net is placed on the surface of the skin to prevent the suture pad from breaking and it is more durable. Quality assurance (FDA, CE certification).

✂【Skin simulation】 The texture of the upgraded suture pad is close to real skin and is made of food-grade silicone. It is odorless, non-toxic, recyclable and portable, making stitching training easier.

✂【Wide application】 Suitable for suture skin, silicon suture pad, rubber model, specimen, experiment, anatomy and biology courses.

Used for practice, doctor's assistants, nurses, emergency medical care, medical staff, veterinary students, and all first-aid scenarios and clinical practice-related medical field training students.

Package Contents:

✓ 1 x Simulated skin suture pad with 17 pre-cut wounds

✓ 1 x Training scissors

✓ 1 x Needle driver/bracket

✓ 1 x Tweezers (tweezers with teeth)

✓ 1 x Tweezers (without teeth)

✓ 1 x Mosquito forceps

✓ 1 x 3#Training scalpel handle

✓ 1 x Tool bag

✓ 3 pack x 10#Blade

✓ 3 pack x Blue 4/0 silk thread knitting needle and thread

✓ 3 pack x Green 4/0 nylon monofilament needle and thread

✓ 3 pack x Gray 4/0 polypropylene monofilament needle and thread

Note: This product is only for educational purposes, not suitable for real surgery and any real medical field conditions




Medical Science

Strong practicality

20 Pieces tools

Package included

Skin Suture Practice Pad,Surgical Instrument,Blade,


Skin Suture Practice Pad


surgery practice kit


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Surgical Suture Training Kit


Skin Operate Suture Practice Model


Training Pad Needle Scissors Tool Kit


Dental Teaching Model


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