G-28D 16 Channel Digital Hearing Aids Rechargeable Audifonos Sound Amplifier Professional Hearing Aid BTE Audifonos for Deafness


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* Suitable for different noise environments.

*Recharge for more than 46 hours at a time

* Support volume adjustable, easy to adjust the volume to meet your needs.Suitable for the elderly and those people with hearing loss, perfect to help hearing the outside sound again, regaining confidence.

* This hearing amplifier comes with an excellent built-in digital noise reduction controller, allowing you to hear the person next to you with ease even in a noisy room.

Technical Parameters:



Peak Gain:38dB

Frequency Range:200Hz ~ 6500Hz

Harmonic Distortion:500Hz:0.3%
800Hz:0.2% 1600Hz:0.2%

Equivalent Noise Input:30dB

Current: ≤ 3mA

Target user: People with moderate to severe hearing loss are available (average hearing loss not exceed 110dB)

Packing list:

Principal machine * 1

Earplugs * 3

Cleaning sweeper * 1

Warranty card * 1

User manual in English * 1

USB Cable* 1 Charger*1

Note :

That is normally situation that hearing aid make whistle noise .

About noise , you can do this steps to remove it .

-Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.

-Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.

-Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.

-If you hear a howling,check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and whether the size of plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.


3.Before you use this item ,you have to turn the ON-OFF switch to Off,and turn the sound volume to minimum

4.Then put this item on you ear, keep it tightly

5.Next, turn this item ON, adjust the volume until you hear clear sound

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