S-25A Rechargeable Bluetooth USB Mini Digital Hearing Aids Adjustable Tone Sound Amplifier Hearing Portable Deaf Hearing Aid


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Rechargeable Bluetooth USB BTE Hearing Aid Sound Amplifier for Mild to Severe Hearing Loss Drop Shipping

This Bluetooth Hearing Amplifiercan be connected to a Bluetooth enabled mobile 

Whether your phone is an Apple(iOS)or Android system,the hearing amplifier can instantly turn into a Bluetooth headset and turn on the hand free calling function with a single  tap.

In addition,stereoand other audio visual equipment with Bluetooth function to deliver clear and high-quality audio.

Product Description:

1. Rechargeable semi-digital headset.

2. Two listening modes.

3. Suitable for different noise environments.

4. Low power reminder function.

5. Recharge 4 hours can last for 100 hours

Max Out≥ 129 ± 4dB

Max Gain≥ 38 ± 5dB
Frequency Range:400~ 3800Hz

Harmonic Distortion:≤5%

Equivalent Noise Input:≤ 28dBSPL

Current≤ 2mA

Product Weight:6.5g

Product Size:Packing detailspaper + plastic box

Packing Size45*40*10mm

High quality Siemens chips

This hearing aid just fit to ≥ 100dB hearing loss

please send me your audiogram first or refer to the below table

reference scene hearing loss

rustling of leaves,the sound of birds : 10db(normal)

running water sound : 10-20db(normal)

whlsper : 15-25db

watch walking sound: 30-40db (mile hearing loss)daily taling sound : 40-60db(moderate hearing loss)

dog barking: 60-80db(moderate to severe hearig loss)

speak loudly : 80-100db(moderate to severe hearing loss

phone ringtone : 80-90db(extrmely severe)

firecrackers sound : 100-120db(extrmely severe)

Real Product Pictures:


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